Taxes made simple

Keeping up with the multiple taxes your business has to deal with is a juggling act at best.

VAT is yet another one of the duties you have to keep up with lest you want HMRC knocking at your door.

Paying and charging VAT essentially means you’re collecting money for HMRC from your customers and clients, made even more complicated with the different VAT schemes implemented for businesses.

Once you’ve got your head around all of that, you also need to put the time in to complete your VAT returns and meet your payment obligations.

JPH can relieve you of this cumbersome work. We’ll register you for VAT when you hit the £85,000 annual threshold, manage your paperwork and file your returns through Making Tax Digital-compatible software.

If HMRC should take issue with any of your VAT returns, we can be on hand to come to a resolution and save you the stress of dealing with the Revenue directly.

Our cost-efficient services will mean you can save some money, time and stress without lifting a finger.


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