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We’re not all able to benefit from the convenience of the PAYE system, which allows some 30 million taxpayers to get on with life without having to worry about self-assessment tax returns.

But if you’re self-employed or have multiple income sources, you’re going to have to file a self-assessment to HMRC every 31 January after the tax year you’re filing for.

The trouble is that there’s so much that can easily go wrong. Accounting for all your income and allowable expenses is a long and difficult process, and if you’re not careful, you might report incorrectly. Report more income than you actually made, you’ll be taxed too much. Report not enough, and you’ll get in trouble with HMRC.

Do away with all these problems by allowing us to do your tax return for you. All we’ll need is a fair amount of documents and information from you, then we’ll do the rest. For the most accurate tax calculation, it’s imperative to practice good bookkeeping, which we can also help with.

It’s not just a matter of piecing together your income and calling it a day, though. We’ll ensure we’re claiming every tax relief and allowable business expense for you so you pay only what you absolutely need to and not a penny more.

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